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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Oh. Right. Blogging.

Yeah sometimes I forget I have one of these things when my life gets all . . . lifey. I mean really how dare my life get in the way of my life?! The nerve!

New training plan, it's very challenging and exhausting in a good way but definitely keeping me busy! New meal plan which has be showing some nice results in a short time frame but missing the way I felt doing CNS alone. I can't help but like the results from the hybrid so I'l be sticking to it. Training with my coach was a vast improvement this week from last week. In fact I was doing so well we ended up doing a double training so I hit delts hard and then heavy legs, whoa! Amazingly enough I had very little DOMs and I am not sure if I am happy or sad about that fact!

And then we had real life teenage drama. 99.9% of the time I gush at how great my teen boys are, how great it is to have teens, how much I love how responsible and mature (and even immature) they are, how I managed to raise teenagers that aren't like me when I was a teenager. Wait. Stop. Back that train up. I did raise a teenager just like me. My exact carbon copy in nearly every way. Right down to be very good at hiding his shenanigans. Of course I *knew* he was hiding his activities but until there was some concrete proof there really wasn't much I could do. I'm not going all Vanilla Sky on my kids and accusing them of crimes of the future, or even crimes of the present that I can't see. This meant of course that my CCC (shor for carbon copy child) continued to get bolder and more careless in his unsavory activities until BOOM, busted. The husband went a little explodey while I kept my calm. Extreme punishment was metted out, such as the permanent loss of his cell phone and xbox live account, temporary loss of his computer except for school use (supervised) grounded to the house likely for the rest of the school year, banned from hanging out with the friends that were encouraging said antics, and extra chores around the house which may increase if there is indeed a fine for his activities. I must say CCC is taking his sentencing very well, he has shown great maturity even in the face of his immaturity. Thankfully he gets that from someone else, because I as a teenager would definitely not have been so mature about it all.

This weekend however has been amazing!! My Buffy (autocorrect for BFF lol) Sarah is in town for ALA conference, some kind of librarian thing, but this meant we actually finally got to meet! We have been best friends for goodness almost 2 years now and business partners for 11 months (wow I can't believe Fit-Moms will be a year old in about 2 weeks!). We are like 2 peas in a pod. You know how sometimes meeting someone in person for the first time can be a bit awkward or whatever? Nope, not for us! Now aren't we just the cutest? I cannot even wait for tomorrow when we get to hang out for a whole day instead of a very rushed evening in which she was exhausted from flying and all. Sorry Seattle, the Buffys are on the loose ;)

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