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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Well, that happened

I have been so busy the last two days that I haven't had time to post or hell even write down my food for the day and take any pictures! Yesterday I took my 10yo daughter out for some girl time, she got to do a little bit of shopping and then met with my stylist to get her first "grown up" haircut and style. I admit I was very hesitant over the short a-line bob she wanted but Austin reassured me it would work great with her hair type. I have to say she looks older, more mature, and she absolutely loves the new style! I think she lost around 12-16" of hair! Once she was done it was hurry home and get dinner started so I could drive an hour up to the "city" for my massage therapy appointment. I had been looking forward to this for almost 2 weeks! My MT is amazing, seriously.

Yesterday was also day 5 of prep and CNS. I am finding I have such an abundance of energy. Before I never would have been able to feel comfortable driving an hour (at 6pm) for a 90min appt and then drive an hour back (at 9pm) before because I wouldn't have had the energy and would have needed several cups of coffee just to stay awake. Instead the only thing I needed, or wanted, was a massive ton of water. I drink somewhere in the vicinity of 6 liters. From what I have read that thirst is a sign of ketosis. Note to self never google symptoms of ketosis again, sheesh, that was almost as bad as looking up a symptom on webmd!

Today was pretty similar, minus the crazy thirst. Decided to take my 16yo son shopping since he had been asking me for a shopping trip for a few weeks. We had a blast! Usually for lunch we always go and have chinese food in the food court and today was no exception. I gave him my rice and just ate some angus steak with asparagus thing and chicken with mushrooms & zucchini. We also of course had to get coffee, I had my first breve today and holy wow was that delicious! I kind of wish I had been drinking breve's before now ;) All in all we were out shopping for 7 hours. This was so surprising to me, I can usually last 1 maybe 2 hours at the mall or doing any kind of errands and by the time I get home I am so physically and mentally wiped that I often spend the rest of the day in bed. Before getting into this fit lifestyle I would often be out for 1-2 days after grocery shopping.

The only downer of the day was a run in with a rude cashier at Old Navy when I was buying some new athletic pants. Yes I do have to buy the smallest size they carry, whatevs, their sizing is all over the place. Anyways while she was ringing me up she saw the size tag on the pants nd said with a bit of an eye roll "xs? ugh!" Wow, really? That was uncalled for! She wouldn't have rolled her eyes and said "xl? ugh!" so why is it ok to make remarks like that to someone who is an xs? I really detest rude and disparaging comments aimed at smaller people. I work HARD to maintain my body. I could easily stop exercising and stop eating healthy and become overweight but I chose to be healthy to be fit and there isn't a damn thing wrong with that so take your jealous judgmental comments and keep them to yourself!

All in all this prep and the induction phase of CNS has been a breeze. I love the food options I have, I love watching the scale drop, and most of all I love this energy I have! Now I'm going to go make some chocolate almond protein pancakes and smear some natty pb on them, mmmm yum! (kind of like these, but this isn't my pic!)


  1. Replies
    1. Sarah they are SO good, but not sure if paleo since they use protein powder.

  2. I've just started CNS (I'm on day 4) and I absolutely LOVE your blogs!! It helps me through... And being a mum too, I love that you include mum stuff.
    Love ya work!

    1. Thank you Bekah! I plan to include more of the family/mom stuff on a regular basis. They keep me grounded and give me strength to keep pursuing my goals.

      How are you feeling do far on CNS? This is day 8 for me and it's just incredible so far. I haven't hit the wall or dealth with the sluggish lack of energy I've read others experience during the induction/reorientation period.

    2. OMGosh! I have been the same, I've had a couple of ketosis moments (pulling the back door instead of pushing, burning my bacon lol) but other than that I feel okay... Just really hot all of the time!!
      Today is day 6 for me, last night I felt a bit ick but had loads of water and felt better :o)

      You would have had your carb nite by now! How did it go? How did you feel the next day?

    3. I have moments like that when not in ketosis, I just call it mommy brain lol

      I'm posting up my carb nite blog now :D

    4. Sweet deal! Looking forward to the read :o)
      btw, I added you as a friend on fb :o) (just incase you were wondering who that random person was!)