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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Geek + Physique

The boys spent the weekend geeking out for National Table Top Day. Wait, what you don't know what tabletop is? SHUN! No just kidding! Maybe. Tabletop was created by Felicia Day & Wil Wheaton as part of their youtube channel Geek & Sundry. Tabeltop features board (and sometimes card) games, generally of the geeky variety of course. They all sit around a table and play the game. It's hilarious but also insightful. We enjoy learning about games that would interest our family and we get to learn how the game works. So Saturday was a huge national event and gamers all over the globe gathered to play games in their homes, at bookstores, at comic book shops etc. The boys had a blast and my husband got to meet some local "celebrity" radio dudes that he likes, which was likely the highlight of his day. And then Sunday just rounded out the geekend with Doctor Who premiere and The Walking Dead finale.

I've recently been making some changes as far as my future plan for continuing to improve my physique and getting back on stage. Right now I am looking to compete in the fall and ditching the spring/summer circuit. I have even more exciting news to add to that but for now that news is being kept hush hush ;) I am however hoping to continue to raise funds through various avenues such as my new Jamberry Nails business, doing demos for Allmax nutrition, becoming a Team Physiq Athlete affiliate, and also through donations to my Go Fund Me website.

And hey if you do go check out the Team Physiq apparel be sure to use code TEAM10 to get 10% off anything you order!