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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 1-3 of Contest Prep and CNS

Dec 31 -  Day 1 CNS & Prep
Started the morning like any other, water bottle in hand and a hot cup of coffee beside me. I was mulling over plans for Jan 2 when I would officially begin CNS (www.carbnitesolution.com) and prep for my first show this season.  As the morning progressed I started to get way too excited about starting this new venture and before I knew it I had decided to start prep today! I really didn’t need to “prep” for this prep or go out and purchase items, although that didn’t stop me from doing a tiny stock up ;) After having meal 1 we finally headed out to the gym. I had an amazingly intense shoulder pumping workout. It felt great to get in that last workout of the year and to have hit it so hard.
Once home the craziness of the evening started, trying to get in my PWO and cook the kids dinner. One of the great things about this prep is that most of the foods I fix for them I can eat too. This prep is going to be so different from my previous preps.
Today’s meals looked like this:
1.       Ham steak, 2 whole eggs, goat cheese, coffee
2.      Protein shake with banana
3.     Chicken breast in butter and topped with garlic white cheddar cheese
4.     Leg of lamb, dulce de leche coffee (omg! 1tbs dulce de leche, 2tbs heavy whipping cream mmmwah!)
5.      Bedtime snack of sugar free jell-o
I know it doesn’t read like a lot of food but it was very satisfying/filling and oh so delicious! I’m drooling thinking about tomorrow!

In the midst of all of this my hairstylist friend and client walked me through the process of back tinting my hair. I was over the bleach blonde, it wasn’t me and I didn’t feel very confident as a blonde. I’ve always had far more confidence with darker hair, plus it really highlights my eyes, not to mention darker hair is far easier to maintain. I have to say the process of back tinting is just as laborous as the process of bleaching.  The end result though is nothing short of perfection! I managed to achieve the exact shade I was wanting and spent pennies (ok I spent more than pennies but compared to what this would have cost in a salon it was pennies). It is the ultimate in rich, warm chestnutty chocolate brown. When my 10yo daughter saw it she fell instantly in love and has asked that I dye her hair the same color. So looks like she and I will be taking a trip to Sally’s tomorrow where I try to convince her she really wants fuchsia rather than brown. I went from bland to bam!

So to wrap up day 1, it’s been fun and I’ve had plenty of energy. I hear the energy lag usually hits around day 3-5 depending on when your body starts to transition from burning carbs for energy to burning fat for energy. Oh for those that don’t know what CNS is, it’s a form of keto dieting except that every 5-7 days you do a carb refeed. I am still doing IF (intermittent fasting) along with CNS as they work very well together. Excited to see what the new year brings! Happy New Year to all, good bye to 2012 and hello to 2013 J

Jan 1 2013 – Day 2 –
I hardly slept last night, ugh. I blame the coffee I drank late in the  evening so I could stay up until midnight to kiss my husband. 13 yrs of NYE kisses and the only time we have missed one is when he has been deployed. So 5 hours of restless sleep, waking several times, and some very odd dreams left me feeling a wee tad tired most of the day.

I have been truly enjoying college football this year. This is the first season in many years we have had cable and I could actually watch my team (South Caroline Gamecocks). Today they played in the Outback Bowl, which wasn’t the best bowl but hey it’s still a bowl game ;) Now I always have Nate’s chili and chips and a beer during football games, it’s kind of our tradition. You can imagine weekends when both of our teams are playing (he watches NFL) that is a lot of chili and chips eating going on lol Since I am doing CNS I knew I wouldn’t be able to have the beans in the chili or our regular chips either but I had a plan! I scooped out my serving of chili (which had about 4gr of carbs from the cheese & tomatoes) before he added the beans and I baked up some La Tortilla Factory 3gr carb tortilla’s for my chips. I didn’t miss skipping the beer since I really don’t drink much anyways. The chili was awesome, as usual but I have to say those tortillas make crappy chips and it’s probably due to the high fiber content. I had planned to eat about 16gr of carbs just in this meal and ended up only having around 8-10, so I can’t complain really and I was truly full and satisfied.

After the game it was gym time and my favorite day, hammies! I had an amazing session and boy did my hammies feel the burn. I had some issues getting up and down the stairs after getting home LOL of course working legs makes me VERY hungry and yesterday was no exception. I ended up taking a mini nap at 730, woke up at 8 and by 9 I had a growly tummy. I’m also lazy and really didn’t want to get out of bed to make something to eat, whatevs I got up anyways. Once I had some food in my belly I was able to fall back to sleep and slept nearly 12 hours!

So today’s meals went like this:
1.       Coffee with heavy whipping cream (nomz!)
2.       Chili with low carb chips
3.       PWO shake with banana
4.      2 thin cut porkchops topped with pepperoni & garlic white cheddar cheese
5.       ½ of a prosciutto wrapped porkchop from the kids dinner, 1 lrg protein pancake, 1 cup sugar free jell-o.

                                                 OMG Doesn't this look amazing? Yea it really was!

Day 2 wrap up – energy was lacking due to lack of sleep but nothing that kept me from my training or cooking for the kids. Probably didn’t eat enough because frankly I just didn’t feel hungry until that last meal, I’m sure I will make up for it tomorrow.

Jan 2 – Day 3

Oh hi lack of energy. Not sure if you are diet related or AF/shark week related. Possibly it's a combination of both, so I am taking a rest day to recover. I’ve been pretty thirsty today too so chug chug chug goes the water! My first meal was so filling I still haven’t eaten anymore today, which I am sure will be made up later this evening which is just fine by me.

Interesting enough I decided to get up and dye my daughters hair, during the process I started to feel normal energy levels emerging.  When she was done I decided to do some grooming of myself and then hopped in the shower, BOOM, energy back! Came down and cooked the kids a delicious dinner and then made my own. I half considered going on to the gym but honestly 6pm is one of the worst times of the evening to go workout in our tiny gym and even more sure during the January influx. Kind of excited to see how I feel tomorrow, I hear day 4-5 is when the energy slump really happens.

                                                        She is gorgeous no matter what :D

1.      Spinach & egg omelet made with 6 egg whites, 2 whole eggs, spinach, white mushrooms, goat cheese, and cheddar cheese. Coffee with a splash of hwc.
2.      2 prosciutto wrapped pork chops, green salad with bell pepper & tomatoes, homemade dressing with olive oil, apple cider vinegar, Dijon mustard and a sprinkle of sea salt. It was so yummy!! See my crappy iphone pic for food porn visual ;)
3.     1 cup of 4% cottage cheese, ½ scoop of Big Bitch Formula cake batter flavor protein, a sprinkle of chocolate almond frosting creations = one very very happy mouth. I had a spoonful of natural pb on the side too, mmmmm! I wasn’t sure if I would be able to fit pb into this ULC plan but today I was so very low on carbs I had plenty of wiggle room J
4.      Grilled chicken thigh

Day 3 in short, started the day low on energy, decided to make it a rest day, gained energy during the evening, was fully satisfied with  my meals and drank a ton of water. Oh and finally started that blog to put all of this nonsense on!

(note to self, word docs do not c&p well to blogger, oi!)

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