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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Carb Nite Numero Uno

That was rather disappointing! Ever built up something in your head, had high expectations and then when the event or whatever happened it was just like meeeeeeeeeehhh? That would be my 1st carb nite. I planned it all out so I wouldn't have to think about it much, just grab my food and go, especially since I knew it was going to be a busy day, a busy day that had many unexpected twists at that.

Welcome to a day in the life of a fiz-eek geek on her first carb nite!

0530 - drag my lazy bum out of bed so I can have a few moments of peace before the kidlets get up and start their usual morning drama llama craziness.

0600 - send the teens out the door, check in to facebook, drink coffee with heavy whipping cream.

0630 - get the younger kids up. Oh dear Pixie "can't find any clothes" so I pull out a mountain of clothes for her to pick through. This one gives her a wedgie, this ones too short, this ones too small, this ones too cold. ARG! Xander comes in and tells me he doesn't feel well. No fever so I tell him I won't be home today to baby him so he might as well go to school.

0715 - looks like the kids might actually make it out the door without anymore drama except oh crap where is Victoria? Still in bed?! Quick get her up. Now Xander can't find his lunch he made, and instead of making a new one he decides to sit on the couch and watch tv? Really?!

0725 - 2 minutes to go before they need to leave and I finally convince Xander to make himself a new lunch. The girls head on out to catch the bus, he will just have to catch the late bus today. As he is putting his lunch into his book bag he realizes his original lunch was in there all along :facepalm:

0740 - time to bust hump to get myself out the door for group training with Tanji Johnson. I have meals to pack, carbs to think about, outfit to plan, hair and makeup to do (yes I did type that, no I don't know why it's a thing to go work out with hair and makeup did, I just play along).

0840 - on the road, eating meal 1 of ham steak (already had my fat in my coffee)
1040 - meal 2 turkey burgers and pecans
1100-1200 - training
1230 - wheeeee carb meal 1, the one I am most looking forward too! Protein shake, spotty banana, and SOUR GUMMI WORMS!!! Except, balls, the gummi worms give me cotton mouth and make me feel a bit nauseous. I ate enough to give me a bit of an insulin spike bt they were not enjoyed :sadpanda:

1400 - make it to the store, hoping to get 3 tasks done in one stop; pee, buy a latte, buy apples/oranges/sliced cheese. The universe was surely against me and so I managed 2 of 3 and no latte for me.

1440 - Home just in time to eat 2 more turkey burgers and 2 donuts. Is it bad I enjoyed the turkey burgers more than the donuts? Wow they really kind of sucked!

1500 - pop open a can of pickle potato chips. Surely these will be the carb that hits the spot right? Wrong. I ate around 10-15 chips before passing some to the 16yo as a bribe to put away dishes. When the littles arrived at 1530 I let them all share what was left.

1700 - dinner time! I am *so* excited, we are having grilled ham & cheese with tomato soup, a family favorite, especially since we don't make this very often. And another major let down. Why is this happening to me?

1900- hmm ok maybe I'll try a pb&j with a glass of calorie countdown milk. The milk was pretty good but I could have lived without the sandwich.

2000 - I have one last treat left, a dark chocolate candy bar with sea salt. Well, the salt was good at least.

All in all it was a major let down as far as taste and enjoyment went. The plus side was I didn't feel like crap eating all of that, I didn't get the usual fatigue and sometimes brain foggyness from eating a bunch of carbs, and there was no carb hangover this morning. I was up 3lbs which I expected but I definitely did not look like I was even remotely puffy or bloated. My abs looked tight and my delts looked nice and full.

Oh right I said there was a twist in the day that was shocking. While I was training I received a phone call from the high school that our 15yo was absent on Friday. Well now, I know he got on the bus and went to school that day, he definitely wasn't at home. I also knew that after school he went to a friends house for the evening. Now, skipping school is nothing new to me, I did it, a lot. It's a wonder I got as far as I did in school tbh. but this also meant that I knew the quickest way to have something like that again would be to over react. I waited until my husband got home from work so we could discuss the situation, work out a game plan as well as a reasonable punishment. The punishment had 2 parts, if when confronted he told the truth his punishment time would be vastly reduced but should he lie his punishment would be harsher and last longer. Now of course since I knew who he was with that day and I know the parents I gave them a call to find out if they had also received a phone call about their son being absent that day and if J had really been there that evening as he had said. What I found out was the mom had seen her son and J walking around about 1pm and assumed it was an early release day so didn't think anything of it and that yes J had indeed been there for the evening.

After finding out that information and agreeing on a game plan we took our son aside and asked him straight out where he was during the day on Friday. He was very honest about what he did and why. Skipping school is definitely not something that this child would ever do without a valid reason. He works hard to maintain a perfect attendance and get good grades in school. He has huge goals for his life and he knows the only way to achieve them is by busting hump in school. Knowing this and him being forthright about the skipping led to minimal punishment. We give the children a lot of freedom, a lot of space to grow and make mistakes, so they know that freedom means a huge responsibility. He lost his phone for a week, laptop for 2 weeks, and is grounded to the home for 2 weeks although that may be reevaluated again. He was fully prepared to accept the consequences of his actions and take responsibility for them. This morning we took him to school so he could explain for himself why he was absent Friday. Due to his honesty, his grades, his attendance record, and this being a first time offense it appears there will be no disciplinary action at school except for the unexcused absence now on his record.

Sometimes it's hard being a parent and having to dish out punishments to your kids. It's equally hard to be a teenager and deal with the everyday crap they have to deal with. I think this was a great lesson learned for him and hopefully it's one that won't be repeated.

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