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Friday, January 18, 2013

Switching gears

I have really enjoyed carb nite, but last night was a bit of an eye opener. I was on day 5 and knew I had hit ketosis so had a carb nite planned for after my personal training session with Coach Tanji. I bonked during the first exercise, 4 sets on the leg press and I was toast. Dizzy and nauseous, to the point we couldn't even just practice posing because I couldn't stand up.

Since I needed to sit and recover we spent some time talking. Where my head was at for this upcoming show, what and how much I was eating. While I want to be dropping body fat it's clear that I cannot do the level of training I need to be doing for my legs (upper body I am fine, I don't bonk but those are much smaller muscle groups than the legs) following carb nite. So starting today I am switching over to more calories and doing carb back loading.

Yes I am a little freaked out putting my calories up to 2200-2300 when I am 9 weeks out and knowing I am a slow loser. However I would rather continue adding on muscle and looking amazing at my show in May than to risk losing what muscle I have built, bonking on the important workouts and just looking flat at this show in March that I consider really to just be my practice show to get comfortable being back on stage.

I will say I have felt amazing on carb nite, and the results have been pretty good too! Check out this photo collage from the past 12 hours, pic 1 is 4pm before my workout and before starting carb nite, pic 2 is after eating all of my carbs (bag of sour gummi worms, 2 poptarts, 10-12 pieces of sushi, fruit tart), and pic 3 is this morning in which I was down 1.2lb! Yeah :) Here is to switching gears and trying CBL for the next 5 weeks before I go back to dropping calories.


  1. It's kind of amazing that those results are from a 12 hour period. I totally want to try this. Maybe after the baby when I'm *not* necessarily training for a show (I won't have to worry about the bonk so much. Except for when parenting is too much...)

  2. Brilliant! You are definitely my inspiration lady!