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Monday, February 25, 2013

Peak week trial run

33 days until the Vancouver Natural! 7 days from my first photoshoot, 6 days from my first Comic Con! So much excitement I can barely contain myself. Or well I might have trouble if I wasn't so damn exhausted. I seriously detest PMS week, not because I am cranky or might have cravings, nope, it's because that's when I simply can't control my adrenal fatigue symptoms and always seems to fall on the busiest of weeks for me making life miserable. On the plus side this type of fatigue only lasts 1-3 days so it's not to terribly limiting but I do usually find I need to take that time off from the gym so I can function normally in day to day activities.

To really impact that though, I am doing a trial run of my "peak week" plan. Now peaking for bikini really doesn't mean much of anything. I remove a few food items from my meal plan and increase water intake for several days then start to slowly drop it down a bit until show (or in this case photoshoot) day. I did decrease the calories a bit as well as I will not do cardio during peak week. I discovered during my last prep the combo or waterloading and cardio did not work for me. Knowing what does and doesn't work is always  trial and error so it's beneficial to have this test run for the photoshoot and then I can make tweaks as needed for my actual "peak week". My carb nite will change a bit as well this week, much cleaner and lower intake of carbs. I've had great success with the higher carb intake carb nites so I am really interested to see how this one will turn out!

Speaking of carb nite, my last one was crazy! I ate over 4000 calories and hit 645gr of carbs! Now I did over do it by 3 bites of a cookie, which left me tossing some cookies a few hours later. Luckily it wasn't too bad and I was fine after. I did suffer one hell of a carb hangover and I blame myself for not drinking enough water. I strive for 6 liters during carb nite but I am fairly certain I only drank 3 liters, definitely not enough. My carbs looked like this (minus the banana I started with and um well I ate the candy corn too fast to take a pic lol). Oh and I was only up less than a 1lb again!

Now since I am doing this whole peak week trial thing I did decide to do some food prep. The only thing I didn't prep were my eggs because well I like those cooked fresh. It took me about 2 hours total, thanks to my awesome George Foreman grill! I drafted up my plan this morning and it looks good, I am eating more meals than normal but I think it will be fine since the meals are smaller for this week. Now I just have to be disciplined on drinking my water and all should be fine! Speaking of water, time to chug a lug another liter *groan* And here is a look at what my food prep looked like, which is never complete without my Harley bug perching on my shoulders :)

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