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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 1 is done

Relearning some discipline is not easy. I've enjoyed the freedom that following CNS offered. Having results without having to think too much about what or how much I was eating, just making sure I was getting enough of protein and fat. This week is all about weighing and measuring everything! It definitely caused some mental mind games yesterday. I was hungry all. day. long. Even though I ate more meals and I am pretty sure didn't eat less food overall, it was more the whole oh this is all that you get until your next meal thing happening. Crazy how things like that can really mess with you.

Then of course there is the water issue. I know from last year that water loading doesn't work, at least not loading with as much water as I was. This time I am only drinking 6 liters but since water is not my favorite beverage I really have to get creative. I tried making flavored water with lemons limes and mint but ick. There is just enough flavor to make me gag. So I set up a reward system. Every liter of water I could have a cup of coffee. I got all 6 liters in and only needed 3 reward cups!

Today is going to be kind of busy. I know the distraction will be good to keep me from being hungry, water intake is my biggest worry. Then again I am going in for my biweekly massage and that tends to always make me very thirsty so maybe it won't be an issue after all.

All I know is I am very glad that day 1 is over and that it should be easier from here on out.

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  1. Yeah Day 1 is always the worst. Downhill from here!