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Sunday, November 10, 2013

After a long break...

Sometimes life gets busy. I started a new business that I never actually intended to be a business. Kids wanted to do things like soccer and dance. Mom got overwhelmed and let the things she was passionate about fall to the wayside. Namely her eating and work outs. Losing out on the amazing home gym set up I was going to buy really hit me hard. I had quit my local gym to help save up for the down payment, everything was set in motion, and then I needed over $1200 of work to my truck. Bye bye down payment and first months payment :(

After that I just couldn't seem to get my ish together. I went back to really old habits, eating only 1 maybe 2 meals a day, at night, usually really crappy meals. My husband and I started to enjoy a weekly beer, that turned into a beer twice a week, that turned into a beer almost every night. This was extremely unusual for us as we rarely, if ever, drank. Looking back I realize we were both dealing with depression over him being back on a sub and is impending deployment, once he was gone I quit the self destructive drinking every night. I keep attempting to get back to a decent meal plan but I am a terrible planner and have been doing weekend long events that make it hard to stick to my plan. On top of that I began having a lot of anxiety attacks. Since the meal plan following felt to be too much I again let it go.

Now here I am. I've rejoined my local gym, I have a workout plan, I have a meal plan. And I have the next two weeks mostly event free. I'm aiming for two weeks of compliance but will take it day by day, meal by meal. Today I am resting after a busy weekend but tomorrow I will meal prep. I've even cheated a bit and ordered meals from premade paleo. I figure one meal a day already taken care of will be a big help, as well it's something I can grab and go for the days I do have something going on away from the house. Time to get some order and balance back into my life, and time to get rid of this gross beer guy I've acquired ;)

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